Unapologetically Canadian Sorry Boot That Shirt

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Unapologetically Canadian Sorry Boot That Shirt

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Then as a swarm of Panadurs dragged a robot forward, he inserted the organic brain in the super-robot’s helmet, made the necessary connections, completed the task and sealed the incision. Verdugo’s body was carried away. The same swarm of Panadurs circled the super-robot, and began to generate energy potential which they transmitted to the quiescent brain in its metal head.

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Slowly, the superb metal man rose from the table and with slender, delicate hands grasped its head. Its brilliant beryl eyes of purest indestructible crystal, glowed in the chiseled semi-triangular face. Suddenly it raised its head and gazed straight at the Panadur leader, and as if it had received a command, it bowed silently. Then, with the lithe, cat-like stride of the Panadurs it headed for the exit of the Cavern and was gone.