Stop Being Desperate Shirt

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Stop Being Desperate Shirt

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Breathlessly, the watchers on two worlds eyed its inexorable approach. Suddenly, from the vanguard of the Terran Fleet a pencil of livid light speared an Europan Spacer, and the great transport seemed to disintegrate in space. Mark’s knuckles were white as they tightened.

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“Maneuver and blast!” He roared into the radio, and in unison, but with vertiginous speed the Europa fleet became a single perpendicular line that spewed atom-blast in an awesome holocaust. But the Terran Fleet came on unscathed. Simultaneously converging beams of livid light shot out from its foremost cruisers and a score of Europan Spacers crumbled into dust. In desperation a flight of them hurled themselves suicidally against the driving Terran Fleet, and whorls of incandescence illumined the ghastly scene, and it was then that Mark saw several shattered Terran Spacers spinning down.