Flamingos Warning The Girls Are Drinking Again Shirt

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Flamingos Warning The Girls Are Drinking Again Shirt

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The great spacer was lying in the cup-shaped hollow of the immense valley, resting on the blanketing snow, just as once before, a tiny cruiser had rested crippled in the fantastic Europan night. But it was different then. Mark remembered his chilling awe at the Dantesque panorama, and his shock when Jim Brannigan had found life on Europa, the strange, exquisitely furred bipeds with slender arms and six-fingered hands.

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He had thought them animals then, despite the bright intelligence shining in the beryl-eyes of the creatures. But he’d learned differently in time, when Jim had crushed his skull from behind, and the Panadurs had saved him by absorbing Jim’s life-energy and transferring it to him while he lay unconscious. That was the miracle, that the metabolism of the Panadurs could absorb energy from any source and transfer it at will. They were telepathic, and their leader had given him the jewel to facilitate communication if Mark ever returned.