Best Thai Ridgeback Grandpa Ever Shirt

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Best Thai Ridgeback Grandpa Ever Shirt

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“We have no chance!” Mark gritted as he saw the Europan Spacers disintegrated in the awful struggle. “Murderers!… We’ll hurl all our remaining spacers against the Terran Fleet; if that’s the only way to shatter them, that’s the way it’ll be!” As he was about to give the fateful command, the Panadur super-robot, who had accompanied them, lay a restraining metal hand on Mark Lynn’s arm:

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“Wait!” He exclaimed laconically, and pointed to the three-dimensional Tele-cast. He flicked a tiny lever and made delicate adjustments. As if seen through an ultra-powerful telescope, a vast swarm of silver specks were rising from Europa itself. With dazzling speed many times greater than that of the Spacers, the darting miniatures grew in size. Presently they reached the battle scene, and like metal hornets were darting among the intermingled fleets, as if seeking their prey.